Sarah Lupo

Dr. Sarah Lupo is an Assistant Professor in the Early, Elementary, and Literacy Department at James Madison University. She has extensive teaching experience as an ESL teacher, English teacher, reading specialist, and literacy coach in grades K-12 in Washington D.C., Istanbul, Turkey, Phoenix, AZ, and Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Lupo’s has published dozens of articles and chapters in publications such as Reading Research Quarterly, Reading Teacher, Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy, and Literacy Today. Her research focuses on exploring the influence of various aspects of text complexity on readers’ comprehension, such as knowledge, and how instruction can be differentiated to support all readers’ understanding of challenging texts across the content areas. Her work strives to position all learners’ as capable and bringing cultural and linguistic assets to the reading experience. Dr. Lupo strives to put theory into practice to find practical ways teachers can improve comprehension for K-12 students in order to enhance literacy instruction for all students, especially those from nondominant backgrounds.

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